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You Cannot Hide For Long Autobots
Soundwave Acknowledges

Communications Officer


Loyalty Lies with Megatron

Magic Anon Status:Accepting


The humans world wide web has a vast amount of useless information... Soundwave follows no one, but Megatron.

Cries and screams are music to my ears.

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And what do Soundwaves do?

Whatever they want.

Typing away at his console

Doing Soundwave things

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Nahaha!! I love that you have a gif of your feelers wiggling at the kid’s face. XD just look at his face!!


sharpshooterbluestreak replied to your post “Although he’s not as active on this place. He’s still rather active….”

*he sees you watching. None can hide from a Soundwave*


Although he’s not as active on this place. He’s still rather active. Constantly watching 24/7, not alerting many to his presence.

                                      ————-those who are damaged are the most ; ; ;

             {          D A N G E R O U S          }

                they k n o w how to [[ survive ]]

Going to make an attempt to stay online today, it’s been quite some time he’s been online and everything seems different. He’s sure to be instantly bored 5 kliks after this has posted.

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Its been awhile since he’s last been on this website. Can’t say he’s missed it much.